You let a girl beat you!!

 ( To Be Assessed )

You play like a girl, run like a girl, hit like a girl, cry like a girl, you let a girl beat you !! all these phrases have such negative connotations. Why is playing sport like a girl such a negative thing? I’d love to throw like a girl especially if that girl was Valerie Adams! Doing anything like a girl shouldn’t be negative against our girls and towards our boys. Sport aims to empower our kids by using words like these it does the complete opposite. The below is not specifically gender related but it shows how damaging our words are as parents, coaches, teachers…

The Ride Home

When my daughter hit the soccer field at the ripe age of 5 years. Kids just went out to play the game, it did not matter that there were girls and boys in the same team you all just played but slowly over the course of a few seasons the divide crept in, rules for boys and girls were differing. Boys played on larger fields and for longer periods of time. Parents most notably the dads were incensed that a girl could run rings around their boys, shouldn’t we be glad that both genders were out there giving it a go enjoying a game, now there will always be some players that are better than others but to single these players out because they are girls seems a little harsh. Society tells us that boys are stronger and better at sports and girls are softer and gentler. I believe we need to challenge gender ideologies at junior level, girls shouldn’t be excluded form “boy sports” and boys should be able to play “girl sports” Sport is rife with gendered assumptions, including assumptions about the sports girls and boys can and should play. If a person no matter the gender loves a sport then they should be able to play it.


Some extra reading around gender norms …

Netball Waitakere have introduced a male competition for me this challenges socially constructed norms
I love this video I’m sure it’s been seen so many times but the message is really powerful

Stumbled across this debate page oh there are some great points if you get a chance read some of them




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